5 Things to Consider When Getting Involved in College

Entering college can be described as so many things. It’s intimidating, exciting, scary, stressful, new, refreshing, and of course fun. You’re trying to figure out how to fit every thing in your dorm and what’s good in the cafeteria and where the heck that building is that has your 8am. There’s so many people calling you over to check out their table or club and what they have to offer. All the other freshman are talking about the millions of things they’re going to do and why you should do it to. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about getting involved on campus…
How to get involved in college

  1. Do NOT sign up for EVERYTHING. Because then you’re getting a million emails asking you to show up to meetings and volunteer at events, and you’ve got to study and sleep at some point! I suggest starting with two organizations, or one if your course load is particularly heavy.
  2. Don’t sign up for nothing either. I promise that you will be sooooooo bored. The organizations you get involved in are really what will help you feel at home at your new college. You also won’t become very connected to upperclassman either, which I highly recommend. They will be very happy to give you all the tricks to the campus, help with choosing professors and can tell you about their major if your interested in it or undecided.
  3. Look for things you are interested in. This may go without saying, but it’s still worth adding. Look for organizations similar to the ones you did in high school, so if you were in leadership in high school, look into the student government at your college. Also think about things that you’ve always wanted to get involved in but never have. So if you’ve always loved the idea of photography, look into joining a photography club.
  4. Think about your major. If you already know what you might want your major to be, then join the club that pertains to it. I highly recommend doing this because it will look good on your resume, and it will help you as you get closer to graduating and starting your career. Trust me you won’t regret it!
  5. Consider Greek life. If your school has Greek organizations, then consider going through recruitment. You don’t lose anything by going through and checking them out, and at the very least you’ll come out of it with several upperclassman connections. For me, being in Greek life has helped me grow in my personal life, has given me real life long friends and helped me discover what I’m really good at.


Let me know if this helped you in decided how or why to be involved at college. Also what organizations are you in or planning to be in?


One thought on “5 Things to Consider When Getting Involved in College

  1. I totally agree with these! Especially the one about finding clubs related to your major. Those help you get connected to others in your major, as well as the professors, I wish I had joined a major related club earlier on! Great post 🙂


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