My Worship Music Playlist

Music is a really powerful motivator. I love listening to songs that build me up and encourage me to be better, and so many songs today just do not do that. That is not to say I don’t know the words to the latest Justin Bieber or T-Swift song (I do). But many times I need to be encouraged and reminded of who I am in God, so the following songs are my current favorite go-to worship songs!

  1. First – Lauren Daigle
  2. Touch the sky – Hillsong
  3. Oceans – Hillsong
  4. Here’s My Heart – Lauren Daigle
  5. At the cross – Chris Tomlin
  6. Come Alive (Dry Bones) – Lauren Daigle
  7. Nothing Is Impossible – Planetshakers
  8. Desert Soul – Rend Collective
  9. Build Your Kingdom Here- Rend Collective
  10. Lay Me Down- Chris Tomlin
  11. Our God – Chris Tomlin
  12. Heart Like Heaven – Hillsong
  13. Here Now – Hillsong
  14. Fierce – Jesus Culture
  15. Set a Fire – Jesus Culture
  16. Holy Spirit – Jesus Culture
  17. Great I Am – Phillips, Craig & Dean
  18. The Anthem – Planetshakers
  19. Hosanna – Hillsong
  20. Love Came Down – Kari Jobe
  21. You Make Me Brave – Bethel Music
  22. Anchor – Hillsong

I am sure you can see a trend the artists that I like! Although, my current absolute favorite is Lauren Daigle. I could have put her own album on here! And of course this list is subject to change and lengthen as new songs come out, so I will update it every so often. My hope is that I can soon make this a Spotify playlist!




One thought on “My Worship Music Playlist

  1. Great playlist! I am a Christian Music blogger so I have a good number of songs that I have showcased which may not have made your list. I hope you’ll come take a look. I would recommend starting with Jessica Blevins. 🙂


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