Oil Cleansing Method vs. Cleanser

Let me start by saying, this is not a beauty blog by any means, but I do love trying new beauty related things and trends. Plus I am very particular about what I use on my skin, face and hair. I place a lot of value on healthy skin and hair, because I believe it is most beautiful when it is healthy, and I’ll try just about anything to improve the health of my skin/hair. This topic has been on my mind this week, so I thought I’d just go on a little rant about it. 

Oil cleansing method

I first heard about the oil cleansing method several months ago from Pinterest (shocker, I know), and I really like oil- they have so many health benefits, and there’s oils for just about any ailment you are looking to cure. So of course I looked into it some more… You can learn exactly what it is and find in depth explanations about it and even how to get started HERE, HERE, and HERE.

But basically the theory is oil dissolves oil, according to chemistry people. The benefits to your skin are like a mile long. It’s completely customizable to your needs. And (my favorite part as a college student) it’s SOOOO much more cost efficient than buying cleanser alone- and of course you can’t just buy the cleanser you have to have toner, moisturizers for morning and night, scrubs, masks and special brushes. Basically all you need for the OCM is the oils and a wash cloth.

So I thought Why not?? The worst that could happen is my face gets overly oily for .5 seconds, and I would have to wash it again.

I started the oil cleansing method in December, and I used a 2:1 ratio of olive oil to castor oil (my skin has been getting dryer recently as I have gotten older), and I’m completely obsessed with it!! I put it in a little 3oz. travel shampoo bottle. I have been using it just about every day since and have a little under an ounce left! (See! cost efficient!) I also do not use any moisturizers or toners or anything. (I do still have a pretty powerful toner in case I wake up with a monster pimple on my face or something, which is pretty rare, but I don’t use it daily) It took me about a week for my face to adjust to the extra moisture on my skin, and I only had a few small breakouts the first day or two (which is completely normal).

The results? Well I have never had so few blackheads in my entire life. I can feel them coming out as I massage the oil into my pores. My skin tone looks more balanced. I rarely break out, and when I do it is much more minimal and not near as red or irritated. My skin feels like heaven when I’m done, and I have stopped using foundation-mainly because I break out easier, but I have not felt a burning need to use a heavy duty liquid foundation to cover imperfections. However, I will be getting bare minerals foundation soon for days when I want to look a little more “done up” (but college budget has prevented that… lol).

The comparison to regular cleansers? Well my roommate and I have been slowly losing our wash cloths (I am pretty sure our cramped dorm eats them), so I was down to one washcloth, which I had used one too many times, I ran out of time to wash clothes (the laundry room closes at midnight… it was 10 and you HAVE to block out a solid 3 hours to do clothes in case your dryer is faulty) ANYWAYS, I HAD to wash my face, and trying to wash off excess oil without a wash cloth is impossible.. So I decided to use my left over Philosophy Purity cleanser, it’s what I had been using before and I thought one night wouldn’t be so bad…

Well I was wrong, my skin was so dry and irritated, I had to use a moisturizer. And when I woke up the next morning, my skin tone was oily, uneven, and I was starting to break out literally all over my face. It was just a bad deal all around.

Purity had never done that before, in fact I originally got it because I thought it did the least harm to my skin and still removed the make up. But then again I had been spoiling my skin for 3 months with the best of the best. My skin was so used to getting the moisture it needed and being cleansed without completely stripping it of all the good things that it was not prepared to counter act a regular cleanser.

The take away? I completely 100% recommend the oil cleansing method to every single person on this planet, it’s seriously that amazing. I recommend researching it a bit and trying it for a month and then comparing it to your old cleanser or skin care routine. You’ll never want to go back!


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