God Is Bigger Than Your Fears

With the recent political events, many Americans have expressed complete fear for the future. Some have expressed anger, yet anger is also rooted in fear.

It troubles me to see millions of Americans living in fear and letting it rule their life and decide what they choose to do with it.

But we as Christians do not have to live in fear. It tells us 365 times in the Bible “Do not fear!” Yet we still do. Fear is not just an emotion, it is a mental battle that is raging on in this country.

So what will you do about it?

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My Worship Music Playlist

Music is a really powerful motivator. I love listening to songs that build me up and encourage me to be better, and so many songs today just do not do that. That is not to say I don’t know the words to the latest Justin Bieber or T-Swift song (I do). But many times I need to be encouraged and reminded of who I am in God, so the following songs are my current favorite go-to worship songs! Continue reading “My Worship Music Playlist”

How To Recover From A Bad Semester (Or Year)

Hey guys! So today I want to talk about something that I’ve gone through recently. Everyone goes through seasons in their life-  some good, some bad. Sometimes these seasons last a month, sometimes they last years. Most recently, I went through a bad season for the majority of my semester. I was faced with several disappointments and struggles, and I allowed my whole attitude and outlook to become negative as a result. So below I’m going to list the things I did that helped me to recover and overcome that bad season in my life. Continue reading “How To Recover From A Bad Semester (Or Year)”